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The Community

Real. Raw. Vulnerable. No celebrity trainers. No Photoshop. We sweat. We get ugly.

We aren’t for everyone. We won’t water-down our identity and neither should you. We want you to fall in love with us or move-on. Middle-of-the-road is safe but rarely fun or memorable.

We hug. We hit. We watch our calories. We drink whiskey. Lovers. Fighters. Occasionally extreme. Occasionally stoic.

Fancy on the street. Freak on the bag.

We founded RowdyBox to be our, and your, third place.

We want you to sweat with us. We want you to get rowdy with us. We want you both happier and healthier every time you leave our studio. We don’t want to be just a workout. We’ve got plans to be much more. The RowdyRoom is only ¼ of the studio! Attend one of our parties (members only) or a RowdyEvent and see the other side of Rowdy.

We are a workout and community for everybody and every body.

We celebrate individuality.

We revel in the struggle.

We work hard. We play hard.


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RowdyBox is for the urban athlete, keyboard jockey, or spicy grandma, seeking an effective and uninhibited workout experience in a luxury setting. Raw, authentic and uncensored.


We’re here and open! Check our schedule for class times. If you wanna stop by during non-class hours, please give us a call first. All inquiries for our naked laser tag league are handled via email. 😉

Monday – Friday:
6am – 7pm (class times listed or call for appointment)

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 2pm (class times listed or call for appointment).


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