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First Time

The quick and dirty

  • Our classes are split into 3-minute rounds, like a boxing match. You’ll spend 50% of your time on our water boxing bag (that’s softer on the joints), and our customized weight benches.

  • Why boxing? Boxing burns more calories than running on a treadmill….and it doesn’t suck. It’s also one of the few cardio exercises that builds muscle while torching fat.

  • Boxing to the beat in a dark room is a beautiful cocktail of cardio, strength, and meditation. It’s as addicting as exercise can be. Our mantra: if we can get you sweating with goosebumps, your fitness won’t ever be an issue again.

  • Because boxing is an exercise, skill, sport, self-defense, and sweet science, we offer several different rides down the rabbit hole. You can take a class in the RowdyRoom (in the dark), or you can take a semi-private class (MITT & HIIT), or go straight to private training and bring a friend for free. Check the “Classes” page to see a complete description of all of them.

  • We have the best coaches in Seattle (literally, three of them have held the honor).

  • During Phase 2 & 3, you won’t have to share any equipment.

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What to Wear

Wear whatever you’re comfortable sweating in. If you get too sweaty, take it off. No shirt, no problem. The place is named “Rowdy” for a reason. But, please note, athletic shoes are required.

Get a Pair of Gloves and Wraps

  • Bring a pair of boxing gloves AND wraps or grab a pair of ours. Both are required to enter the studio.
  • Bring your own or buy or rent ours.

Boxing Tips

Prep for class by checking our Six-Punches tutorial. Bring a pair of boxing gloves AND wraps or grab a pair of ours. Both are required for boxing classes.

Our Aqua Training Bags

RowdyBox uses 190lb marine-grade vinyl water bags. Our tear-shaped water bags are easier on the joints and hands.

Strength Training Tips

No need to prep for the strength training portion of class. Our coaches will lead you through each exercise on our benches or floor.

Strength Training Equipment

RowdyBox uses customized weight benches with 6 sets of built-in hand weights, resistance bands, slam balls, and more.

After Class

Like every sport and workout, your first time may be frustrating. Boxing is a skill and, while it’s incredibly addicting, it takes time to cultivate that addiction. 🙂

Shower and Chill

RowdyBox has two lockers rooms with eight private showers and showering quarters. Rowdy also offers the entire line from MALIN+GOETZ in both locker rooms.


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RowdyBox is for the urban athlete, keyboard jockey, or spicy grandma, seeking an effective and uninhibited workout experience in a luxury setting. Raw, authentic and uncensored.


We’re here and open! Check our schedule for class times. If you wanna stop by during non-class hours, please give us a call first. All inquiries for our naked laser tag league are handled via email. 😉

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6am – 7pm (class times listed or call for appointment)

Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 2pm (class times listed or call for appointment).


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