What is RowdyBox

  • An intelligent cocktail of boxing and lifting.

  • A flexible workout that allows you to pick your weights, resistance, speed and intensity.

  • An Instant stress reliever. Have you ever punched a water bag to loud music? 

  • A class experience that’s similar to a nightclub – low lights removes ego and allows you to be yourself.

  • An exercise structure that Burns more calories than a treadmill…and doesn’t suck.

  • A diverse community of people that support eachother.


    You choose your weights, speed, and intensity.  No competition. No ego. Just you, your bag, and your bench, in a dark room with loud music.

    Meet your new therapy. Gloves on, world off.


    Never boxed before? Never lifted weights? No problem.

    Your coach will review all the punches before class. During class, you’ll see every punch and exercise listed on seven big screens and a 15′ projector screen. Your coach will also give several modifications – from beginner to expert.

    You choose your intensity.  Even the pros can’t go 100% every day.

    50% Boxing 50% Strength 100% Fun

    Rowdy55 is ten rounds. After a warmup, you’ll spend half your time on our water bags and half your time on our patented weight benches. It’s the perfect mix of cardio and strength work.

    the most effective workout period

    Boxing burns more calories than running on a treadmill. And it doesn’t suck.

    Add loud music, club lighting, music videos, soft water bags, patented weight benches, and you have a cocktail that makes exercise fun and effective.

    FIGHT CLUB ’23

    • Complete 25 or 40 classes in 60 days

    • Pre/Post InBody Tests

    • Prizes for top 5 finishers

    • 8 Boxing Workshops

    • Dual Coach Classes

    • Nutrition Workshops

    • Fight Club Hoodie/T-Shirt

    • Sign-up by Emailing us at hello@rowdybox.com

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