– Founder, CEO, and Mitt Master
– The hardest-working person in the room
– Lifetime Mensa Member

Owning a boxing club wasn’t in the tarot card readings. As a trial attorney hoping to climb the corporate ladder, it’s about as far from my path as I could wander. But that’s how life works. I took my first boxing class in 2012, while nursing a back injury from crossfit. I wanted to stay in shape, and burn some calories, without having to lift anything heavy. But it got me. From that first session, I knew it. My brain had never experienced that strange chemical cocktail that comes from punching something. I’m blessed to share it with you.

You won’t find me on the schedule. As an introverted extrovert, I thrive in smaller-group settings. When you’re ready to get on the mitts, give me a ring!