What is rowdybox?

RowdyBox is for the urban athlete, keyboard jockey, or spicy grandma seeking an effective and uninhibited workout experience in a luxury, non-judgmental setting.

Elevator pitch, you ask? Think boxing with the swagger of a nightclub and the smirk of a speakeasy. RowdyBox provides boxing-inspired fitness classes using tear-shaped water punching bags and our own customized weight benches. Did we mention we’re just as likely (and equipped) to host a techno concert as we are to bring back the roaring ‘20s, Gatsby-party style? We pay homage to the old and get down with the new.

RowdyBox is obsessed with the power of raw authenticity found through dynamic classes, fresh playlists, hands-on coaches, and honest vulnerability. RowdyBox trainers are devoted to helping people move with a purpose, find a fire within, and turn every jab, cross and hook into potential unleashed–no holds barred.

Fancy on the street. Freak on the bag.


The Problem: Exercise is necessary to be healthy, happy, and, let’s be candid, to look good naked. But most exercise sucks. It’s not designed to be fun—it’s designed to get results.

You’re likely overworked, over stressed, and pushed to get results in every other part of your life.

Don’t get us wrong: results are absolutely necessary, but “results above all else”? That mindset might work for New Year’s resolutions and High School reunion prep, but those habits never last.

The RowdyBox Solution: Build a workout that feels like a party, sneak in research-backed effective cardio (the highest calorie burn of any exercise), and top it off with resistance equipment to build lean muscle. Lastly, cultivate a judgement free, supportive (but rowdy) community.

We’ve created the workout and we’re ready for the community. That’s you.

Come play with us—on the bag, on your work break, or at one of our legendary Rowdy parties. You’ll build a habit you enjoy and stay healthy and lean long after your trip to Cancun.


Whether it’s a birthday, bachelorette, or work outing… we would love to get Rowdy with you, your friends, family, and/or team! (No sparring with your boss, please.)

Send us a message here to inquire further about parties, corporate events and more.


You must be at least 15 years old to sign up for a class at RowdyBox. However, sessions may be arranged for children under the age of 15 on a case-by-bases basis. If you’re under 18, your waiver must be signed by your guardian.


Our CEO is a lawyer. That would be a yes.

Simply create an account on our website, or download our app. The software will prompt you to sign the waiver and your life away.


How do I prepare for my first class at RowdyBox?

No prep necessary—we’ll go through the fundamentals with you. But if you’ve got a little extra time, help us help you by checking out the six punches here.

Do I have to create an account, even if I am just visiting?

Yes. You cannot purchase a class without setting-up your account and signing the digital online waiver. (It’s very simple and should take you less than 90 seconds!)

You can sign up for an account here.

How early should I arrive prior to my first class?

You know what doesn’t spark joy? Circling endlessly looking for parking. We strongly recommend you arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class…and every ensuing class.

We’ve designed RowdyBox to be a place where you WANT to spend your time. Come early, decompress, hang with staff, snap some selfies and get all the happy chemicals going before class even starts.

What should I wear?

Sneakers and deodorant. The rest is up to you. 😉

What happens when I get to the Club?

You can check-in via our app (using geo-location), or say hello to the front desk. If it’s your first time, visit the front desk and they’ll take care of you.

In summation: say hi to us. We like knowing our people.

Where do I store my stuff?

Safety first. We have 100+ lockers split between the lobby and two locker rooms. Each has a Keyless.Co lock that you program yourself.

Do I need my own gloves? Can I buy them on-site?

Yes. We require boxing gloves on the training floor. You can bring your own, rent our RowdyBox gloves for $2, or purchase RowdyBox gloves. All of our gloves are handmade, leather or synthetic leather, with extra padded knuckles, wrist support, and padded liners.

Do I need my own wraps? Can I buy them on-site?

You haven’t learned by now to wrap it up?

Yes. We require wraps on the training floor. Wraps help protect your hands and wrists while punching the bag. You can bring your own or purchase our wraps for $8 at the front desk.

Do I need my own water bottle? Can I buy one on-site?

You may bring your own water and fill-up at our filtered water bottle stations. No water? No worries. We offer RowdyBox 24oz alkaline water for $2.25 and eco conscious boxed water for $3.

What if I can't keep up with the beat?

Don’t sweat it! Well, do sweat. But don’t sweat it. If you keep moving and having fun, you’re on the right track.

What if I don't know how to do the six punches?

This excites us! We love our craft, and we love sharing it with others. [Nirvana voice] Come as you are.

We will review the six punches at the beginning of class, but if you want a head start, click here.

What do I do after my class?

Hit the showers (please), book your next class, drink some water, and be sure you don’t wait too long before eating something delicious to re-fuel your body.


How is RowdyBox different than other boxing workouts?

We love (and frequent) old-school boxing gyms, and recommend them to anyone who wants to compete and spar. That being said: RowdyBox is different.

There’s no ring, no flickering fluorescent lighting and none of that (ahem) “distinctive” boxing club odor. At RowdyBox, it’s you against yourself.

We’ve taken away the hand-to-hand combat so that you can let your guard down and get your freak on; no defense necessary.

When the doors close and the lights go out, your mind and body will be fully immersed in the workout version of an Ibiza nightclub. We’ve got hundreds of color-changing LED lights, a 15 foot projector screen, several 6′ TVs, and a sound system that costs more than a new Range Rover.

We want you sweating with goosebumps.

Unlike most boxing classes—comprised of 100% boxing—The Rowdy Method incorporates our signature RowdyBox benches. Spend half your time strength training and half smashing your cardio workout on our tear-drop water punching bags, which are easier on the joints (and stellar for Uppercuts).

Sometimes we box to the beat, sometimes we box to the light show and sometimes we box Rowdy. (Translation: As hard and fast as we can go until our arms burn out.) It’s always fresh, always different.

We don’t “sparkle” at RowdyBox—we sweat. Hard. When you’re done getting down and dirty in the RowdyRoom, we’ve got eight showers ready and waiting. Treat yourself to our high-end amenities and fancy yourself up before stepping back onto the street. (Not quite ready to leave? We’ve got a spot in our lounge with your name—and ridiculously fast wifi—all over it.)

What is the format of each class?

Rowdy45: Our bread and butter. Rowdy45 is our signature 45-minute class with 10 rounds.

Following the all class functional warm-up and weighted shadowboxing, rounds are split evenly between bag and bench with three room switches.

Rowdy60: Power Hour just got a whole new meaning. Rowdy 60 is our signature 60-minute class with 12 rounds.

Following the all class functional warm-up and weighted shadowboxing, rounds are split evenly between bag and bench, with a total of three room switches. Rowdy60’s longer format allows for an intense burnout round.

RowdyRoots: Back, back, back it up…to the basics. Roots is a 60-minute boxing-fundamentals focused class.

Following the all class functional warm-up and shadowboxing, rounds are split evenly between bag and bench with three room switches involved. Roots allows for a special, slower-paced “Technical Round” that focuses on improved form, technique, and accuracy.

LunchBox: Quick and dirty. LunchBox is a 30-minute class. Perfect for lunch breaks.

Following the all class weighted shadowboxing, Rounds are split evenly between bag and bench with one room switch. LunchBox does not feature a functional warm-up or cool down. Get in, get sweaty, and get back to work.

RowdyDark: R-Rated. Dark follows the same 45-minute format as Rowdy45.

Expect a dark RowdyRoom—black and blue lights—shirts optional, playlists explicit. RowdyDark will be offered at a night class at select times.

I haven't worked out in a while... Will I be able to take class?

If you can move, you can take a RowdyBox class. Our bags are the softest in the industry, but don’t tell them we said that.

Can’t punch? We got you with five Rogue Echo bikes, free weights, training session options, and more. Get more information here.

Is there a beginner class?

All of our classes are beginner friendly. We review everything you need to know about our bag and floor work before we even start the clock. However, we do recommend you start with our Signature 45- or 60-minute format to get the best first class experience. (You can always jam out to our RowdyDark explicit playlists down the road.)

Still nervous? We hope not, but feel free to sign up for a RowdyRoots boxing fundamentals class.

Should I start on the floor or the bag?

Take your pick! The magic of RowdyBox is that you get the same workout whether you start on the bag or bench. If you pick double-floor, you’ll skip the bag altogether.

We recommend mixing it up, both for your body and for your mind.

How early should I arrive prior to my regular class?

We recommend you arrive at least five minutes before class starts. After five minutes, your bag reservations will be released to walk-ins at the start of class.

We love you, but don’t be late—we will protect the class experience for others by preventing late entry five minutes past start time.

What should I bring to my class?

Bring water and sneakers. If you have hand wraps and gloves, bring those too. Maybe your favorite unmentionables while you’re at it.

Translation: Box in what you feel good in. We’re not picky.

Can I bring my phone into class?

No. We get work, life, kids, you just posted to IG… We ask that you keep your phone in your locker. You may wear a smartwatch with notifications, or leave class and check your phone. Talk to the front desk if you have special circumstances.

Gloves on, world off.

What type of gloves and wraps does RowdyBox use?

RowdyBox offers 14 oz. custom gloves to rent and two sizes of reusable Quick Wraps are available for purchase. Gloves are $2 to rent and wraps are yours to keep for $8. Your first glove rental is complimentary at all Club locations.

What type of bags does RowdyBox use?

RowdyBox uses 190lb commercial-grade Aqua Training bags. These tear-drop water bags are softer than traditional punching bags and produce less wear and tear on your joints.

Added bonus? These bad boys will allow you to throw some killer ‘Cuts.

What size weights are available?

Our custom benches have weights from 5lbs to 25lbs. Heavier weights are available in the RowdyRoom.

New to or just getting back into a workout routine? Start light and stick with your bodyweight. RowdyBox doesn’t believe in throwing around heavy weights just for the sake of throwing around heavy weights. Find your form first; your strength (and confidence) will soon follow.

Where are my weights located?

Inside of your bench for that easy-access experience we love.

What is a training session?

A “session” is a workout with one of our coaches outside of the RowdyRoom. This can be anything from a private coaching session to a semi-private lesson with a few friends. To inquire about these, click here.

Do I need wraps or gloves?

If you are training with a coach outside of a group session, you may or may not need wraps or gloves. Check with your coach ahead of time. We like to change it up and keep you on your toes.

If I am pregnant, can I still participate?
Absolutely! But, if you have any health concerns please always speak to a physician first.
What is the science behind RowdyBox?

According to ESPN‘s team of sports scientists, boxing is the most rigorous form of exercise.*

Why? Punching a 200lb bag requires strength!

Unlike other cardio activities like running or cycling—which don’t build muscle—boxing builds muscle and torches calories. In fact, boxing is used by many celebrities to effectively change body composition and prep for “ripped movie roles.”

*Take the word of our panel of experts, a group made up of sports scientists from the United States Olympic Committee, of academicians who study the science of muscles and movement, of a star two-sport athlete, and of journalists who spend their professional lives watching athletes succeed and fail.

How many calories will I burn?

You can expect to burn 400-1000 calories in class, depending on factors such as your size and (dare we say it) effort, the workout, etc. But it doesn’t stop there.

RowdyBox uses the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) to keep you burning calories long after your workout. If you challenge your body with cardio and resistance training (boxing and bench fall into both categories), your body will work harder post-workout to recover the oxygen lost during exercise.

This “revs up” your metabolism for up to 36 hours! The cardio/strength work from boxing and the resistance training on the bench are the perfect combo to keep you burning calories long after your workout is over.


Where is RowdyBox located?

Downtown Seattle in the Escala Tower.

Yes… that Escala tower 😉 where that guy from 50 Shades of Grey lives.

Where should I park?
Street parking is generally available around the Club. There’s also a parking garage with short-term parking available directly across from the Club front doors. Check with our front desk on parking deals.
Can I leave my kids or pets in the lobby?

We love kids and fluffy things, but at this time we cannot take care of them in the lobby. We do not offer child or pet sitting, but this may change at future locations! All children must be accompanied by a supervising adult at all times.

Are there lockers in the Club?

Yes! We have over 100 lockers in the lobby and each locker room. The lockers range in sizes, but all have built-in keyless.Co locks.

Do you sell water in the Club?

We offer ph-balance alkaline water ($2) and sustainable boxed water ($3). We also offer all kinds of pre-workout and post workout ready-to-drink products.

What amenities are offered?

The following are complementary: Sweat towels, water bottle filling station, and all the toiletry products necessary to get you back to your day (including high-end shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, body lotion, bath towels, hair dryers, q-tips, tampons and deodorant).


Can I request a specific bag or bench for my class?

Yes, we let you play favorites. Our app and website allow you to pick out your bag or bench. You can even schedule your friend’s bag or bench!

Want to go a little crazy? Go double-bag, double-bench, or save a horse, ride an echo bike.

Do I need to book both of my spots?

You only need to book your starting spot (either bag or floor). This automatically reserves your corresponding spot on the bag or floor (bench) when the room switches.

If you book Double Floor or Double Bag, you’ll skip the other mode altogether.

When are classes available for booking?

For the general public, classes are available for booking one week in advance. For those on the unlimited membership, classes are available to book two weeks in advance.

If I am running late, will you hold my bag/bench?

If you’re running late, please call the front desk and we’ll be happy to hold your bag or bench for up to 5 minutes after the class starts. For liability reasons, and consideration of other participants, late arrivals are not allowed to enter the RowdyRoom if more than 5 minutes late.

I need to duck out of a class or session early. Is that okay?

Yes, but please inform the coach before class. Above all else, we care about your safety and if the coach sees you leaving early, they’ll likely check on you.

Can I book more than one bag or bench in a class?

Yes, you can book a spot for you and a friend through the app. Strength in numbers. You’ll get a link for your guest to create an account.

Note: The system will not save the spot for your guest until they create their account.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you can’t make class, please cancel at least 12 hours prior. This allows us to make sure someone else gets your spot. Anything cancelled less than 12 hours before class starts is considered a late cancellation, and you will forfeit the class from your package or incur a no-show fee if you have a membership. You may cancel online, through the app, or by calling our front desk.

What happens if I don't show up to a class?

If you can’t make your class, we ask that you cancel at least 12 hours prior to start time. This affords us the opportunity to move another individual into class. Any class cancelled less than 12 hours before class starts is considered a late cancellation, and you will forfeit the class from your package or incur a no-show fee ($25) if you have a membership.

How does the waitlist work?

As clients cancel, you will be automatically added to the class in the order you signed up. We automatically enroll waitlisted clients into class up to 12 hours prior to the class start time. After the 12-hour mark, we will call you if we are able to secure you a spot in class. We can only hold the spot if we’re able to reach you; otherwise, we will release it to the next client on the waitlist.

Please note: we encourage waitlisted clients to come to the Club if convenient—there are generally a few spots open, courtesy of late cancels and/or no shows.

How do I add myself to a waitlist?

Make our app your best friend. Full classes will say “waitlist only” on both the app and website. If you sign-up for a full class, you’re automatically added to the waitlist. Those added from the waitlist are auto-enrolled and notified.

If it’s within 12 hours of the scheduled class, we’ll give you a call. If you were added within the 12 hour window and you can’t make the class, you won’t be charged.

Do I need to make an account to sign up for a class or session?

Yes, we’re fancy like that. You must set up an account and sign the digital online waiver. You can get started here.

How do I sign into my account?

Did you try the name of your first pet?

Head to the login page and click on “forgot my password” to get instructions for re-setting your password.

I forgot my password! Now what?

Did you try the name of your first pet?

Head to the login page and click on “forgot my password” to get instructions for re-setting your password.


How do I purchase a class?

Click on the “Purchase Classes” button via at the top or via our app! If you miss us, stop by and purchase on-site. You’ll make our day.

Do classes expire?
They sure do. Please check the expiration date when you purchase classes.
Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes. It’s hard to build a community without regular members. Memberships come with a bunch of perks: early scheduling, free glove rentals, open gym, access to our Rowdy parties, and more. Ask the front desk for the current list of perks.

Can I freeze my monthly membership?

Yes, but we need (i.e. the software requires) documentation and an end-date. You can freeze your membership for up to six months for an injury. You may also freeze a membership for the duration of your pregnancy. (Moms: We support you. When you are ready to come back to class postpartum, you can take it at your own pace.)

Got a special circumstance? Please contact us at hello@rowdybox.com.

Can I transfer or share my class package or membership?

Class packages can be shared amongst clients. Memberships, however, are non-transferable.

Does billing automatically reoccur every month?

If you’re on a monthly membership, you will be charged each month unless you cancel.

When am I charged?

You’re charged the day you purchase your classes. If you sign-up for a membership, your auto-draft will occur the first day you use your membership and the same day each month after. (I.e. If you sign-up for your membership on the 10th, but you don’t attend a class until the 15th, you will be charged for the first month on the 10th, and each month thereafter on the 15th.)

How do I return a class or session?

Please read our Terms of Service page in the footer for more information.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you’re on a monthly auto-pay membership, please complete our cancellation form online or in the Club.

Note that verbal requests to cancel are not considered valid. Formal e-documentation is required.

Can I get a refund for my membership?

Generally, no, but we make exceptions. Please read our Terms of Service page for more information.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! You may purchase gift cards from the “Purchase Classes” tab at the top or in the app. You can also purchase gift cards on-site at the Club.

Does my gift card work for classes, sessions and merchandise?

Yes! You may use your gift card in the store or online for merchandise and/or classes. Get swaggy.

How do I activate a gift card for my account?

Easy—just insert your gift card code on our checkout page. If you’re having problems with your gift card code, shoot us a message here and we’ll be in touch.

How do I gift a workout class?

You angel. You can gift a class from your class pack, or you may purchase a one-class gift card on our gift card page. You may not gift a class from your monthly membership.

How do I gift a workout session?

How considerate. You may purchase a gift card for classes on the “Buy” page. (You’ll find gift cards near the bottom.) You can also purchase gift cards for classes at the Club.

How do I return a gift card?

No take-backsies. You cannot return a gift card. You may, however, give the gift card to a friend to use.


Where do I find new RowdyGear?

Thanks for asking. Right here.

What is the RowdyBox return policy?

You can find all information regarding our return policy on our Terms of Service page.