strip poker & your “Why”

By Brandon

September 12, 2021

Consistency + Action

Throughout this challenge you’ll get some crazy-interesting research, stats, pretty and pretty-ugly pictures.

If you read the material, and (more importantly) incorporate the suggestions, your life will change

That’s not bullsh*t.

It’s what we’ve seen, doing this for 15 years, with more than 8,500 challengers.

Massive [and lasting] change is possible. 

But it requires action + consistency.

If you’re reading this, doing the challenge, you’re ready to take action. 

In fact, you’re probably excited to take action.

After these last two years, we all need a little more action…

And, while action is necessary. It’s not the secret sauce.

Consistent action is the secret sauce.

To that end…

strip poker ❌

Ever played strip poker?

You don’t start in your underwear.

You make it an event. You peel off layers at a time. You stay engaged and motivated by the incremental nature of the experience.

Your willpower is the same way. It’s an engine that requires constant fuel.

The highest achievers know this and game it. Spoiler alert: we’ve got an entire newsletter about the “willpower muscle” that may change your wardrobe and shower routine. Stay tuned.  

Considering the above, you’re getting your inspiration and motivation incrementally, in bite-sized, highly-consumable nuggets.

Your success requires a steady diet of motivation.

“Not me,” you’re thinking, you eager beaver. “I’ll read and incorporate everything you throw at me!”

We get it. You’re all in. You’ve got the energy of a 6-year old on Halloween. But that sugar-crash is coming.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve tried starting the game in our underwear, showing everything upfront.

It doesn’t work…and frankly kinda hurts our feelings 😉

Most lose interest and energy quickly. Most won’t read everything. The few that read it all, tend to stop incorporating the material half-way through the challenge.  

Be patient and stay engaged. Have fun taking off layers and uncovering more. Don’t ask for everything. We love you and we know what works.

WHY > What & How

Data is important. But your “why” is more important than the “what” or “how.”

I’m going to get leaner and healthier because ________.

Write that sh*t down.

Seriously. Write it down. Now, tape it to your fridge. We’ll wait.

Want to play with your kids without taking an Advil? Want to keep up with your mate? Want to look better naked? Want to live longer? Want to feel better in your own skin?

That “why” is more important than anything you’ll read here.

Be honest with yourself. You likely already know you shouldn’t eat (insert here). We all know the basics. If information was the problem, we’d all be walking around with six-packs.

So, establish your “why.” Five weeks from now, when you’re wondering if you can continue doing this sh*t, we’ll remind you why you started. 


The next few articles will discuss the “what” and “how” of getting fit.

You know you shouldn’t eat McDonalds.

But what should you eat? How much? Are there tricks and tips?

And what about supplements?

We’ll get into all of that stuff.

It may seem like “what to eat to stay healthy” is always changing.

Some of the nuance does change, but the bulk of it has stayed consistent for a long time.

The reason you think the science is changing is because you hear your nutrition info from people and companies trying to sell you a product, lifestyle, or supplement.

Most of that sh*t is snake oil meant to separate you from your cash.

The real published research, from reputable academic journals, is where the truth lies.

Not sexy. Just effective.

Sami and I both have nutrition certifications (Precision Nutrition Level 1-2), and have been nerding-out to this stuff for a decade.

We’ve also seen a few things in our private lab of “fitness challenges” over the last 15 years.

We’re excited to share that stuff with you.

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