Most of us need a wake up call. In fact, after hosting 8,500 clients through fitness challenges, we know that most people WANT – deep in the Freudian depths of their psyche – a F*ing wake up call.

Wake up from what? From the daily pattern of work, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat. Someday soon, “when I get that promotion,” “make partner,” “complete this project,” I’ll make time to get healthy. That always works out, right?

It’s not laziness. It’s priorities. You’re doing sh*t that pays the bills and  makes tomorrow better. You’re making a living so that you can provide a future worth living for. We get it. It’s the right thing to do. But tomorrow won’t be what you want if you can’t walk up stairs, pick-up your luggage or kids/grand-kids or make love to your partner. 

Crass? Yep. But it’s true. You don’t need RowdyBox or a fight club to stay healthy. But, in our experience, something magical happens when you set a goal and are accountable to us and your community. it’s a good option to wake up and see what you can accomplish. 

Most of us need a shock from our routine. If you want change, sometimes it requires a commitment and competition. And most of us need a community to keep us accountable.

Like any athlete, boxers train year round. But, before a big fight, they do something special. Often leaving home for two months, boxers enter a “fight camp,” where they ramp-up their training, eat nutritious food, get stronger, and lean out, so they can bring the best version of themselves to the ring. 

Fight camps are grueling, both mentally and physically. Most boxers bring a team with them for support, encouragement, and accountability. We are your support. And you’ll see the accountability, publicly, in our progress posters.

We hope you join us for the next one.


Health, longevity, strength, and, maybe, a sprinkle of sexy. Every Fight Club is different, but one thing stays the same: the winning formula. Fat lost + muscle gained.

Most fitness challenges focus on weight lost. It’s easy. First, it only requires a cheap scale. Second, it looks great for advertising. Most people focus on “weight loss,” because it’s a simple measurement. In “A” an online PE is not the same as an “A” in AP Physics. If you want to feel better, live longer, look sexier, or perform better, you need to improve your body fat and muscle. That’s why we use a hospital-grade InBody machine that measures fat, muscle, water, and a host of other metrics.

Weight loss isn’t fat loss. Here’s a secret. Most rapid weight loss is just water. Carbs and salt retain water. Eliminate them, and you’ll lose pounds of water. You’ll weigh less. Introduce them back and you’ll gain it all back within a few hours. You’re not healthier. 

Gaining muscle is critical. Here’s another secret: 90% of the “Biggest Loser” contestants gained the weight back. Even more terrible, while the contestants lost muscle and fat while on the show, the weight they gained back was fat not muscle. but didn’t gain the muscle back. What does that mean? They’re less healthy with slower metabolisms. They’re more prone to gain fat. 

That’s what we’re fighting for – losing fat and gaining muscle. It’s the best proxy we have for health, longevity, strength and a sprinkle of sexy. 



We host three Fight Clubs a year. Check here for the next one. If you’re a regular at the club, you know when we’re hosting the next one.

Each Fight Club is different in length with different requirements. Each Fight Club features different swag- crewnecks, shirts, mugs, etc – and different perks – VIP classes, double coach classes, discounted private training.  We’re after the best results possible and always iterating to get you those results. Here are past results. 

Wanna know the winning formula? Click here to understand how we decide the winner.