Same destination, different paths. Every Fight Club is different, but one thing stays the same: the winning formula. Fat lost + muscle gained.


What actually matters. Most fitness challenges focus on weight lost. It’s easy. First, it only requires a cheap scale, not a hospital-grade InBody Machine. Second, it looks great for advertising. Most people focus on “weight loss,” because it’s a simple measurement, like getting an “A” in P.E., vs. AP Physics. But, if you want to feel better, live longer, look sexier, or perform better, you need to know your body fat and muscle.


Weight loss isn’t fat loss. Here’s a secret. Most rapid weight loss is just water. Carbs and salt retain water. Eliminate them, and you’ll lose pounds of water. The flip side that you know (if you’ve ever been on a cruise), add carbs and salt and boom: you’re “5 pounds heavier.” In both situations, you’re just losing/gaining water weight. 

Gaining muscle is critical. Here’s another secret that you can look up right now: 90% of the “Biggest Loser” contestants gained the weight back. Even more terrible, while the contestants lost muscle and fat while on the show, the weight they gained back was fat not muscle. but didn’t gain the muscle back. What does that mean? They’re less healthy with slower metabolisms. They’re more prone to gain fat. 

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