– Coach
– Pure Barre coach as well
– Keep moving. She doesn’t hesitate to talk sh*t in class!

🔺3 words my friends would use to describe you? Spunky, energetic, and loyal.
🔺Most useless talent? I am FANTASTIC at color coding and organizing my calendar. But ONLY on paper. I can’t do a single thing with an online calendar. It will be forgotten and appointments will be missed. Period.
🔺Best and worst purchase of 2021? Best – our rooftop tent because helloooo PNW. Worst – a beautiful antique bed frame that ended up being a full and not the queen I needed. Heartbreaker.
🔺One sentence billboard? “You kind of owe it to yourself to do all the things you’ve dreamed”
🔺Tell us more! Im coming up on my 4th year of teaching Pure Barre in the Seattle with a stint of teaching in Louisville, Kentucky during that time. I’m a movement junkie through and through and am always excited to push my body in new and exciting ways. I had a sneaky feeling that this year was going to push me out of my comfort zone of only teaching barre and into a different type of fitness teaching role. I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be your newest RowdyBox coach. CANT WAIT TO PUNCH SH*T WITH YOU!  🥊