bailey hicks

Rebecca Duke 

🔺3 word my friends would ue to describe me? Tenacious, badass (their words not mine)….. and probably annoying haha but in a loving way

🔺The music you’ll hear in my class: Reggaeton, House, Trap, Techno

🔺Hobbies: I own my own lash business!! I’m certified to do lashes AND move asses. I’m not as spooky as I look but I’m totally an amateur ghost hunter• I love love love dogs, if you have a dog I’m tryin to meet it.

🔺One sentence billboard? Amor Fati

🔺Guilty pleasure: I’m a big time book worm, if you’re a Stephen king nerd we should talk. Also, I basically black out when I shop, it’s my last and only vice.