By Brandon

May 5, 2021

Welcome to the party. Grab a coffee or adult bevie and stick around for a quick minute. We need to talk.

FORMALITIES. You should Invite us into your phone. We’re always a good time and you won’t get in trouble for drunk dialing us. Our app is here. Follow us on Insta here.

WHO WE ARE. A concept borne from a couple of fitness junkies that work hard and play hard. Seattle local. Head-banged to Nirvana in our formative years and thrift shopped to Macklemore during our first quarter-life crisis.

WHAT WE OFFER. A “third place.” What’s that? Its the time you spend between home and work. For many, that’s a bar. Fun, not healthy. We provide the shit that will keep you living long, lean, and smiling hard. Healthy for your body and soul.

DO WHAT YOU WANT. 25 minute classes. All day. Boss took credit for your “replace the people with robots” idea. Come punch the bag for three classes. Tired of cardio and want to build beach biceps. Hit the weights 7x a week. We’re tired of classes that are 50% of what you enjoy.

SWEAT. BOX. SCULPT. That’s our slogan. Think boxing with the swagger of a nightclub and the smirk of a speakeasy. RowdyBox provides boxing-inspired fitness classes using tear-shaped water punching bags and our own customized weight benches. Eight showers, a state-of-the-art stereo system & lighting display, and many of Seattle’s most sought-after instructors – all within a 6,000 sq foot space in the heart of Seattle.

OPENING DATE. Great question! The pandemic wasn’t in our business model. The buildout was 75% complete before the zombie apocalypse; so, we hope to open before summer officially hits. Stay tuned for more details, deals, and pre-opening classes.

Big Covid air hugs.


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