RowdyBox private training sessions are personalized to your fitness goals. Sessions are 60 minutes. The workout includes a warmup, shadowboxing, mitt work, heavy bag work, and strength exercises. We can use tech–punch-force sensors–or go old-school. Want to make it a sweaty threesome? BOOK A SESSION FOR TWO AND PAY THE SAME PRICE!

Private training packs come with progress testing: (i) 3D Styku scans, (ii) InBody scans, (iii) 3-Minute conditioning tests, (iv) and punch-force and endurance rounds on the sensored heavy bag upstairs.

Cost: $125.00 – $1,125.00

Sessions are booked per hour. Once you book your private training session, you will be contacted within 24-hours to confirm your appointment. Not all times and trainers are guaranteed due to availability.

Single Session: $125

5-Pack: $595 (with progress testing)

10-Pack: $1,125 (with progress testing)

Book online here or email us at

24 hour notice must be given for all cancellations or you will lose your session.

How to Prepare:
Wear comfortable clothes and supportive sneakers. Be ready to sweat! We offer complimentary bottled water, wraps (for your first session) and glove rental with your PT session.