FIght Camp: Back To SChool Edition

By Brandon

August 11, 2022


(or…just sign-up by emailing us at

  • I’m interested [hence me being here], but what do I get and what do I have to do? Great question. We’re f*%$ing excited you got this far!! Now let’s try and get you to committed ✅ to kicking some ass!  

  • Here’s the deal. You get 2️⃣1️⃣ classes per month, 2️⃣ InBody scans, 2️⃣ Punch Meters, the chance to win lots of prizes, access to discounted retail, discounted private training, and some other stuff, for $400/month.  And hopefully, you get some amazing results 😉.

  • Last Fight Camp – 49 fine humans completed the challenge (70% of who started 🥳) and lost just over 200 pounds of fat, and gained a combined total of 71 pounds of muscle!! 🤟🏾 

  • Is there a fight camp package? Sorta. You purchase the 16-pack membership and a discounted (40% off) 10-pack to use over the two months challenge. purchase the 16 pack here. Email us at to get the discounted 10-pack.

  • But I already have a 16-pack membership.  Of course you do! Email us at for the discounted 10 pack! Only available for challengers.

  • What about unlimited membership. I’m a 0-60 person. Give me the unlimited. Psst. Here’s a secret. It may actually save you some money. Email for details. 

  • When do I have to decide? The last day ⏰ to sign-up is Challenge Day #1,  September 10th. 

  • How to win the challenge!  📈muscle+ 📉fat. The winner is decided based on this equation X = 10(% of fat lost) + 10(lb of muscle gained). For example, if you lost 2% body fat and gained 1 lb of muscle, you’d have a score of 30. 🧮 The highest score wins! This is determined by our Inbody machine. Last challenge we had multiple people hit 100+….which we didn’t expect!!!  

  • How to win (other details).  To compete for prizes, you must take a pre/post InBody scan at RowdyBox.

  • Prizes. 1st place gets  3-months unlimited (and swag). 2nd place gets 2-months unlimited (and swag). 3rd place 1-month unlimited (and swag, just less). 4th and 5th get retail allowances!

  • Did you say “discounted private training”? Yes! We’re using the challengers, exclusively, to experiment with 30-minute mitt sessions upstairs, and 1-hour sessions. Both will be discounted. 30-minutes on the mitts is usually enough to reach full exhaustion ;).

  • What’s the P4P Punch Meter!  P4P stands for pound-for-pound. It’s a boxing term used to equalize the playing field. Bigger people hit harder. Our new test will take into account your InBody weight to determine your punch power. Don’t worry! We won’t make any of it public! 

  • How to win the punch meter contest!  Hit the hardest OR have the best 1-minute cardio. Hardest single punch = Pounds of force / weight. Best cardio is 1 minute total punch power / weight.  We’re still determining prizes. But we’ll run this at the beginning and end of the challenge! This portion–the punch sh8*t–is totally voluntary and doesn’t affect your chances of winning the challenge!! 

  • What’s this punch meter?  Upstairs at RowdyBox we have a punch meter that shows total power output and highest punch power. We’re super stoked about this machine. You get one minute to find your hardest punch (hint: your cross for 90% of people). Then you get one minute to go all out and find how much power you generated over that 1 minute. 

  • Can I pause my current membership and upgrade for the challenge?  Yes. That was easy. 

  • Inbody scan. The InBody is painless and non-invasive. Here’s our machine and how it works. 

  • Where will you perform the scans? We will hold the InBody scans in private, upstairs. You stay dressed!! And the results are explained in private. You can be scanned by Brandon or Sami.

  • How do I sign-up for a scan? We will send a scan sign-up schedule (w/ additional alliterations). 

  • I just want the membership and 10-pack. No challenge stuff.  That’s not a question. But okay. You can purchase just the classes ;).  Just tell us you’re doing the challenge.

  • How does billing work?  Your package is billed at the start of the challenge, or earlier if you want. Then it’s ongoing month-to-month. 

Let’s go!

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